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Introducing 'The Upper Kingswood Stool'—the inaugural stool from our latest collection at Willow Tree Interiors! Crafted to complement our artisanal bespoke kitchens flawlessly.


Fashioned from premium European solid oak and delicately coated in a refined chalked hard wax oil, this stool harmonizes seamlessly with our furniture, adding a timeless grace to every kitchen ambiance. With its soft contours, inviting hues, and distinct natural grain, it's simply enchanting.



Click here to see the painted version.


Lead time: 2 ~ 4 weeks 


Height: 1050mm

Seat height: 685mm

Width: 420mm

Depth: 420mm

Overall footprint: w480mm x w490mm 

Weight: 10kg



The Upper Kingswood Stool

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