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Proud to be a BORA Partner

Our team of experienced designers has a wealth of expertise in working with BORA hobs, gained over several years. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in planning and utilizing the various features of BORA hobs.

Rather than allowing cooking vapors and odors to ascend freely, BORA cooktop extractors skillfully divert them right at the source, efficiently extracting from pots, roasters, pans, or grills on the cooktop. This impressive feat is achieved not through magic, but by applying the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics. BORA accomplishes this by employing a crossflow that surpasses the rate at which cooking vapors naturally rise.


Experience a revolutionized cooktop with BORA S Pure: Its exceptionally compact dimensions enable seamless integration into the smallest kitchens or standard kitchen units, offering a myriad of new design possibilities for your culinary space. BORA S Pure transforms your kitchen experience entirely.


The specially crafted induction coils ensure optimal utilization of the entire cooktop surface, adhering to the principle of 'form follows function.' The strategically positioned air inlet nozzle, designed asymmetrically, maximizes available space, providing room for four cooking zones suitable for all standard pot sizes.

BORA S-Pure | Willow Tree Interiors | Sussex | Surrey | Kent
BORA Stars | Willow Tree Interiors Kitchen Lighting

BORA Lighting

The kitchen stands out as one of the most frequently used spaces at home. Whether designed in an open layout or as a closed space, featuring a kitchen island or a kitchen counter, the importance of proper lighting cannot be overstated. Whether it's a soft, warm glow for meals or a bright, clear illumination for cooking, the lighting should be both functionally and emotionally appealing. This ensures an optimal cooking experience and transforms the kitchen into a comfortable haven, enticing you to linger and savor moments of well-being.

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