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Royal Tunbridge Wells Project



Indulge in the allure of this bespoke kitchen, meticulously crafted for a discerning client in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Seeking a modern ambiance, our design seamlessly marries contemporary elements with the timeless charm of our renowned traditional cabinets. The cabinetry boasts Mylands Sloane Square and Oratory, accompanied by the elegant Pure White Room Skirting and Belgravia adorning the walls.

Taking center stage is the Dove Grey Aga, perfectly positioned to enhance the room's aesthetic. The room's cohesion is further enriched by Capietra tiles from Cadogan Stone, creating a harmonious visual experience. Adding a touch of sophistication, our supplied Original BTC Titan pendant lights elegantly illuminate the space.

This kitchen serves as a testament to our capabilities, showcasing how we can metamorphose a space into your envisioned dream room. Noteworthy features include the Dove Grey Aga and the Quooker Flex with cube, adding functional and stylish elements to this culinary haven.


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