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Sub-Zero & Wolf 

Sub-Zero & Wolf offer unrivalled build Quality

Sub-Zero offer unequalled build quality, a world-renowned design aesthetic and a talent for innovation that make it the leading professional refrigeration choice.


Sub-Zero combines a unique dual compressor with an innovative water filtration system. Though their patented use of an unique Air Purification system originally developed by NASA which removes ethylene gas, their appliances keep your food fresher for longer than any other system on the market. Whether you need the vast storage potential of the iconic standalone Pro48 or the latest integrated refrigeration, Sub-Zero provides premium technical solutions to refrigeration in one gorgeous package. 


Wine coolers need to be more than simple refrigeration systems. To enjoy your wine in prime condition, it should be stored in a controlled environment, specifically designed to preserve and protect. Sub-Zero’s wine coolers use cutting-edge technology to manage the wine environment. These luxurious appliances perfectly manage temperature and humidity.

The classic Wolf Range Cooker is firmly established at the heart of the American home and have won plaudits from leading chefs for their power, versatility and good looks. The characteristically robust designs include the iconic red knobs, cast iron cook plates, unique dual burners for micro managing cooking temperatures, twin fans and options for griddles and char broilers.


Wolf hobs guarantee cooking precision that can be personalised to suit the needs of every cook. They are available in gas, electric and induction variants that can be personalised to suit the individual needs of every cook. The inherent versatility, quality, practicality and style of these hobs has made them a firm favourite with international chefs.

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