Willow Tree Interiors are delighted to introduce the innovative British smart home brand, Zuma.

Updated: Feb 27

Willow Tree Interiors are delighted to introduce the new British technology company Zuma, to their portfolio. With a 25-year pedigree in industrial design working with leading global brands around the world, CEO and founder Morten Warren put together a team that has delivered industry defining technological innovations across audio, video, lighting and smart devices. Zuma is on a mission to seamlessly integrate light and sound, that even extends into the bathroom.

Wellbeing is at the heart of what Zuma have created and with an IP65 rating, it allows for further integration of the bathroom to the rest of the home. The app features a ‘wellbeing’ section where there’s the ability to select multiple wellness pre-sets, which are curated blends of light and sound experiences to enhance daily rituals and tasks. As well as being able to dim the lights and play a choice of soothing ambient soundscapes, there is also a Circadian mode, which mirrors the intensity and colour temperature of natural light, in turn boosting mood, energy levels, sleep patterns and general wellbeing.

Zuma units are easily installed and can be connected to existing Wi-Fi networks. Operated via the Zuma App or voice control, the sound quality is hugely impressive with a three-dimensional clarity and volume that is completely immersive. The units have future-proofed by introducing a range of ‘smart bezels’ that incorporate additional functionality, including motion detectors and smoke detectors.

Zuma will be installed into the Heathfield and Lower Dicker showrooms over the next few weeks.