New BORA Pure

We are excited to say that the new Bora Pure is not far off its launch date! This summer the new Bora hob will be available to install into your kitchen.

Bora's sleek design means this hob works perfectly with every kitchen, but this time you can add a pop of colour if that is your style. 

With new technology, this hob is better than ever and easier to use.

The new intuitive control slider works by sliding your finger up and down the control panel to adjust the settings. The extractor system is what makes Bora unique with its downward draft extraction system, and this extractor is offers minimum volume for noise free cooking, perfect for hosting dinner parties and to focus on your cooking. You can remove these extraction centres to be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

These won't be available until the summer, but feel free to ring us, email us or visit our website for information! 

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