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We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious 

At Willow Tree, we are actively becoming more and more environmentally friendly as a business. Here are the ways we are doing our part for the planet




We've gone paperless where possible. We keep track of all of our work using online systems, we file our documents in one software and have documents that can be signed digitally, as well as having receipts that can be emailed to the customer. 


We reuse all printed paper that is no longer in use, for making notes, drawings and designs, as well as packaging products. 



While making our projects we order and use a lot of different timbers. We try not to waste any timber, keeping large parts of timber that aren't used and finding another use for them in other projects. All loose chipping are bagged up and go to local farms and stables. 



We order a lot of samples, products and small appliances, and with this comes a large amount of boxes, envelopes and bubble wrap / soft packaging, we reuse all of these items for sending out orders, storage in our showrooms and keeping other products safe and taking them home with us for personal use.                                                                                                                                                                                                 



We only use FSC certified wood suppliers, this is very important to us! 

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