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Burnthouse Farm

This bedroom is styled traditionally with built in wardrobes, desk and vanity units. The grey colour gives the room a very warm feel, yet is cool enough to make the room feel big and bright on those great weather days. 


This room was built specifically for what the client wanted in their bedroom, which includes the inside of their wardrobe. Every aspect of our rooms is designed for you and your needs.

 This bedroom was designed by the customer and Willow Tree designer to create a stunning space, that fits the clients requirements. It is then handmade by our talented team of craftsmen, where they ensure that every detail is accurate and finished to the highest standard. We also order appliances and other accessories such as worktops, taps or handles to finish of the design. On delivery week, all teams come together to install the perfect pieces, with all of the appliances and worktops to ensure getting the fitting done as soon as possible. Then you are left with a stunning, bespoke room that never fails to impress you as well as your guests. 

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