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You might think that the bathroom can be a straightforward room, tiles on the walls, tiles on the floor, a nice shower unit, hopefully room for a bath, and you’re basically there. Why need bespoke furniture? The answer lies in the deceptive amount of storage needed in a bathroom. Plenty of lotions and potions for the mind and soul are needed to truly relax after a hard week, not to mention cleaning products, spare toilet rolls, towels, and toothbrushes. Having built in or freestanding furniture will allow you to free your bathroom of clutter, whilst keeping all the essentials in arms reach and most importantly, organised.


At Willow Tree, we can provide all aspects of your bathroom; natural stone tiles, underfloor heating, shelving and cabinets, as well as basins, taps and lighting. Never assume your bathroom is too small to make into a haven, it is often these rooms that benefit the most. 


School House Bathroom


Tidebrook House Surrey

Isfield House Project

Selmeston House

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